mobile phone data recovery lahore pakistan

Mobile & Smartphones Data Recovery

Every one of us now carry smart devices in our pockets which holds a huge amount of data such as contacts, photo, notes, videos, emails etc. Damage to these devices can cause loss of data. Most mobile phones don’t share same operating systems and are proprietary embedded devices which have unique layouts, memory and hardware configurations. Lost data? We can help. Revival Solutions can restore your lost data from mobile and other smart devices. We offer mobile data recovery services for all types of phones and smart devices and support all manufacturers and operating systems.

Some common mobile data recovery cases

  • Accidental file deletion
  • Formatted devices
  • Stuck operating system
  • Corrupt bootloader
  • Phone restart issue
  • Cracked/broken screen
  • Screen lock bypassing
  • Liquid damage
  • Dead circuit board

mobile phones data recovery lahore pakistan


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Recover Photos from smart devices

Photos are precious memories for many mobile users and accidental loss can occur due to various reasons and factors. We at Revival Solutions can restore your lost photos from mobile and smartphone devices. JPG and JPEG is the most common file formats that are stored in your phones and smart devices. We have special tools for mobile  data recovery that can extract the all the possible photos from your device after the data loss situation.

Recover Phone Contacts 

Contacts are usually synced with your email or mobile backup system but there are cases where user miss to sync them properly and there are situations where your contacts are lost and there is no backup, or the backup you have is corrupt! Contacts are stored in a mobile database file and we at Revival Solutions can restore your lost contacts with our latest tools and techniques.

Recover Text Messages

Text messages usually don’ t have a system backup. They are stored in a database file in your mobile memory and we at Revival Solutions can restore your lost messages with our latest tools and techniques.

Recover from internal and external storage

We support data recovery from mobile SD card and the internal phone memory.  We have hardware support for almost all mobile and smartphones. Option from recovering data directly from memory chip is also available.

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