What should I do if my drive/media has failed?
AYou should shut down the system to avoid further damage to the drive and its data. Do not try anything without. You should call us for free data recovery evaluation.
What causes data loss?
AYour data can become inaccessible due to software problems, computer virus, mechanical or electrical malfunction or a deliberate human act. Our data recovery company specializes in recovering lost data from all types of loss situation.
How is data retrieved?
AThere are various methods by which data is retrieved, both conventional and non-conventional. Each case is evaluated and action plan is developed to retrieve you data in the most reliable way.
Can all data be retrieved?
AFew companies will charge you for the data recovery even if they are unsuccessful. You shouldn’t have to pay for a recovery when nothing was recovered. With Revival Solutions as your data recovery company, on standard rate pricing, we charge nothing if no data is recovered.
What happens if I don’t get my data back?
AThere are cases when damage to the data is permanent and absolutely no data is retrievable but, most times, Revival Solutions can recover some of the data even in extreme conditions. On average, the company boasts a 90%+ data recovery success rate.

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