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Revival solutions


Revival Solutions offer cost effective and reliable data recovery service . We are based in Lahore, Pakistan.
Lost your data? Dont worry! We have saved many corporate and private clients in past and have a good success rate.
We deal in all types of data storage medium like hard drives, flash drives, solid state, memory cards, Raid structures etc.
The only thing that damage the medium further is the “experiment” that user perform on the drives for a DIY. Its is strongly recommended not to perform any unprofessional recovery step on the hard drive. This will only damage your drive further and it may cost you more bucks for the recovery or may be the case go out of recovery scope.
At Revival Solutions | Data Recovery Service in Pakistan , we first image the drive sector-to-sector carefully and then we perform the recovery on the extracted medium. We ensure that the submitted medium is not further damaged. We follow the safest & state of the art methods to recovery your data. Whether its a hard drive or a memory card. We follow the same for all mediums.

Revival Solutions | Data Recovery Lahore, has dealt with many multinational and government level companies and we have always got a positive feedback. You can check our testimonials section for further exploration.

We aim to provide the best data recovery service in Pakistan and we are continuously updating our equipment and services to provide unparallel data recovery solutions.
Revival Solutions | Data Recovery Service in Pakistan

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